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The residential market is charaterised by individual houses, apartments, villas, residential complex and vacant land.


The commercial market mainly comprises offices and retail units (high street retail shops and shopping malls).


The industrial and logistics market is mainly characterised by light industries and warehouses mainly located in specific regions.


The land market comprises residential, commercial, industrial & agricultural land, usually feasible to convert land to other uses.

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The Property Development Scheme (PDS), allows the development of a mix of residences for sale to non-citizens, citizens and members of the Mauritian Diaspora. The PDS provides the following:
  1. The development of luxurious residential units on freehold land of an extent of at least 0.4220 hectare (1 arpent).
  2. The development of at least six (6) residential properties of high standing;
  3. High quality public spaces that helps promote social interaction and a sense of community;
  4. High-class leisure, commercial amenities and facilities intended to enhance the residential units
  5. Day-to-day management services to residents including security, maintenance, gardening, solid waste disposal and household services; and
  6. Social contribution in terms of social amenities, community development and other facilities for the benefit of the community.
A non-citizen is eligible for a residence permit upon the purchase of a villa under the PDS scheme when he has invested more than USD 375,000 or its equivalent in any freely convertible foreign currency

The Smart Cities, revolving around the work, live and play concept, are large-scale mixed-use developments in cosmopolitan conurbations with smart technology and pioneering innovation at their core. The focus is to promote Mauritius as an intelligent, innovative and sustainable island through the development of self-sufficient cities offering integrated sustainable solutions and ensuring minimum wastage and maximum comfort for the long-term benefit of all citizens and the future generations irrespective of social and economic class.

Smart cities offer diversity in business locations for investments in education, health, R & D, biotechnology, financial, ICT, manufacturing, hospitality, energy, logistics, proptech and urban management solutions, retirement village, incubator, and green office buildings amongst others.

A smart city company and a smart city developer is eligible for incentives including:

  1. Tax holiday of 8 years on specific activities
  2. Recover VAT on building and capital goods (Buildings and infrastructure)
  3. No customs duty on any dutiable goods, except furniture, for infrastructure and buildings
  4. No customs duty on furniture provided that value addition of at least 20% of the c.i.f value at import is carried out locally
  5. Accelerated annual allowance of 50% on energy-efficient equipment, noise control device, water-efficient plant/ machinery, rainwater harvesting equipment and system, etc
  6. Accelerated depreciation of 50% on machinery, equipment and construction of industrial premises dedicated to manufacturing activities

A foreigner also has the opportunity to acquire residential properties in existing projects, namely the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS) and the Real Estate Scheme (RES). The non-citizen and dependents are eligible for a residence permit by virtue of the acquisition under the IRS, RES and PDS schemes when he has invested a minimum amount of USD 375,000. The owners may rent the property, become tax resident in Mauritius and face no restriction on the repatriation of funds or revenue raised from the sale or renting of the property.

 Non-citizens who have a residence permit under IRS/RES will be exempted from an Occupation or Work permit to invest and work in Mauritius

The Non-Citizens (Property Restriction) Act allows foreigners to purchase apartments in condominium developments of at least two levels above ground (G+2) with the prior approval of the Economic Development Board, provided the purchase price of an apartment is not less than MUR 6 million or its equivalent in any other hard convertible foreign currency

The Invest Hotel Scheme (IHS) provides for hotel developers, issued with an IHS certificate, to sell villas, suites or rooms (units) forming part of existing or new hotels to finance the refurbishment, reconstruction, alteration or upgrading of existing hotels or the construction of new hotels.

Under the IHS, the investor who has acquired a unit enters into a lease agreement whereby the unit is leased back to the hotel developer in return for rental income. The unit leased to the hotel developer may be used and occupied by the unit owner or any person on his behalf free-of-charge for a total of not more than 45 days in any period of 12 months.

Where a non-citizen acquires a unit, forming part of a hotel under the IHS, for a price of not less than USD 375,000 or the equivalent in other freely convertible currencies, the owner is eligible for a residence permit.

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