About Us

Lakaza Realty Ltd is a company incorporated in Mauritius that specializes in real estate broking. We advise and assist all types investors, from private individuals to large corporate, in all property related transaction such as sale, acquisition and lettings amongst others. We cover the following markets:
  • Residential
  • Retail
  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Agricultural
  • Leisure and Hospitality

Our team of professional has a sound knowledge of the local real estate market and understand the factors that affects saleability and rentability. As each property is unique, each property will require a tailor-made marketing strategy and campaign. At Lakaza, we recognize the latter and therefore each property is treated in a unique way and is positioned accordingly in the market so that our clients get the maximum financial return.

We commit to deliver the highest level of service and the best client experience possible. We go the extra mile to deliver results, whether this means meeting a tight deadline or working with a complex and challenging property.

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